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Yayo is a well known musician in the Caen region since he played as a guitarist in Hygiaphone (Téléphone tribute band), in Torps and especially in La Tchoucrav ', an ultra festive and energetic rock band, as the band likes to define itself.

As a young boy he started playing guitar by listening to Metallica, Iron Maiden and especially AC / DC and their legendary “Thunderstruck” and this led him first to play in Caen’s local bars, and then to tour with different bands.

All the experience accumulated led him to this record made of songs rejected by his former bands. On this "33" (his age), he plays guitar, bass, drums, he sings, he wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics with Julien Michaux, singer of Haston, another band of Caen. He is also responsible for the recording, with which he was not familiar with before starting working on this record. All in a very little room.

And there are excellent titles in this album which will be available as MP3 or paying WAVE. The cover is a nod to the Bruce Springsteen’s “Greatest Hits” cover released in 1995. There can be worse references!
The first title is already very strong. "SOS" will stay in your mind for a long time with its long intro, its solo and its Arabist Iron Maiden "bridge". "Loud and Heavy" has an undeniable AC/DC influence, and it makes you bang your head and stomp with pleasure. "Josephine" is of the same ilk. It rocks while melodic, and it’s fun to listen to. The sound is okay, each instrument finds its own place. The chorus in "The Pact" reminds me of Def Leppard’s way of rocking. "Make That Wish Come True" starts slow, before roaring with sharp steel guitars. Another great chorus and a very pleasant bridge. It swings, it rocks!

The influence of AC / DC is back with the twirling "Everybody Can See Me Cry", like the following song, the bluesy "What Goes Around", where Yayo shares the vocals with Julien Michaux. Without a doubt, it will have a great live effect. The pace does not drop in intensity with "Let's Go Wild", with its very Thunderstruck intro. The chorus is very nice and very melodic. "Cabin Fever" remains in the record’s spirit. Rock, fit-in, melodic intro and impeccable wah solo fly high.

Any self-respecting rock album has to have its slow. This is done with the soft and haunting "You're My Everything". Light your lighters!
In the end, this is a "homemade" record which is very consistent, certainly made with the means at hand, but honestly by a music lover who seeks to prove that we can make good music with few resources. And it works. The music is not art, it comes from the heart.

Do not hesitate to buy this album. The cover is provided with your MP3 or WAVE copy.

(Claude Scebat www.rocknreviews.net/Album/Yayo/33.html)


released May 6, 2015




Yayo Caen, France

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